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Cleaning the bathroom room is time-consuming and laborious, and it has become a problem for many people, especially housewives. Here are some tips on how to save time when cleaning the bathroom.

How to clean the shower head?
The common problem of shower head is that the surface and inner side of shower heads are easy to be covered with scale, which can be easily removed with vinegar.
1. Mix water and vinegar at a ratio of 1:1, and pack it with plastic;
2. Remove the shower head, soak it in a plastic bag, and seal it well;
3. Take it out after half an hour, rinse it with hot water, it will shine immediately!

How to polish the faucet?
1. Apply shaving cream to the tap
2. Then wipe with a damp cloth
3. Rinse it off at the end. simple and convenient, the faucet can be cleaned.As shiny as a mirror!

How to clean bathroom tiles?
1. Mix the water and vinegar or bleach in a ratio of 1:1, and pack it in a spray bottle. Shake it to make full integration.
2. Spray the liquid onto the tiles, you can spray more where there is mold;
3. Note that it is best to let the tiles dry naturally after spraying;
4. Finally, rinse thoroughly the tiles with water.
5. As for the black spots that are difficult to clean, here we have "upgraded" cleaning method: mix baking soda and water into a paste, and then use an old toothbrush to scrub the black spots.

How to clean the toilet?
1. Throw two pieces of effervescent tablets into the toilet, after 15 minutes of foaming,
2. After brushing up and down with a toilet brush, gently press and rinse with water.

How to clean the toothbrush holder?
If your toothbrush holder not made of wood or metal, then we can use the dishwasher to clean it.
1. Put the toothbrush holder on the top shelf of the dishwasher and set it to a gentle cycle
2. To clean the soap box, follow the steps mentioned above.

How to clean the bathroom mirror?
The steps to clean the bathroom mirror are similar to the steps of cleaning the faucet, and the shaving cream is still needed.
1. Wipe the shaving cream onto the bathroom mirror with a paper towel
2. Then use a wet paper towel to spread the bubbles evenly on the entire mirror
3. Finally, rinse with water. In this way, the bathroom mirror will be bright, fragrant, clean. (Don’t lose any unused shaving cream in the future, it can be used as a bathroom cleaning)

How to clean the shower curtain?
Remember: Never use paper towels or rags to wipe the mold on the shower curtain in the bathroom, it will not be eradicated at all!
1. Throw the shower curtain into the washing machine, then pour neutral detergent or half a cup of soda powder;
2. Here is a little trick: put some towels,bed linen or curtains in the washing machine, so that the knots can better remove mold and protect the shower curtain from being overwashed;
3. Hang the shower curtain and let it air dry naturally. Then you can say goodbye to the mold

How to unplug a blocked drain pipe?
1. Throw one or two pieces of effervescent tablets in the drainage management, such as digestive tablets or various vitamin effervescent tablets (Of course, if you don't have digestive tablets, you can get some baking soda, and the effect is the same );
2. Then pour a cup of vinegar;
3. After a few minutes, rinse with hot water.


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