13 Items Recommended For Bathroom

13 Items Recommended For Bathroom - Yimobra


 For Storage

  1. Hanging bathroom cabinet

When it comes to storage in the bathroom, bathroom cabinets with large capacity are definitely highly recommended, and different types of bathroom cabinets have different storage capacities. Bathroom cabinets are usually divided into floor cabinet and wall cabinet, and I recommend that you buy wall-mounted bathroom cabinets, because the bottom of the cabinet is very convenient to put these items in and out. What's more important, it is much more easier to clean.


  1. Adhesive Hand Towel Bar

If you don't want to hang towels and bath towels with perforated hooks, adhesive hand bar is very suitable. The appearance is super high, you can use it as long as you adhesive it on the tiles.The only disadvantage is that you can't hang heavy things over it


  1. Movable non-punch hanging rack

If the wall at home is not suitable for suction cup hooks, and you don't want to punch holes, you can choose this kind of shelf, which is suitable for space. The hook made of silicone material can be twisted at will, which is easy to use. The elastic silicone guardrail is strong enough to put some larger items, and the side can also store small items to max its storage



4 Items recomended For Clearing

1.1. L-shaped brush

There are always many hard-to-reach corners in the bathroom. With its unique design, the L-shaped brush is especially suitable for removing stains on the side of the toilet, the drain port, and the gap in the bathtub.


  1. Multi-function cleaning scraper

Scrape the bathroom mirror after the shower to prevent fogging.Scrape the water on the countertop to avoid long-term accumulation of water and dirt. The silicone material is not hydrophilic, and  dries after being shaken. It's also can be stored vertically and space-saving!


  1. Magic broom

After washing, the bathroom is covered with water stains and is easy to slip. As long as you lightly scrape it with this broom, your bathroom will be dry at once. The scraper head can also be used to clean walls and glass.


  1. Groove cleaning brush

The gaps of the sliding door rails in the bathroom are easy to accumulate dust. This groove cleaning brush adopts a hard long-bristle brush design to clear the gaps and accumulated dust quickly.

3 Items Recommanded for deodorants


  1. Sewer sealing ring

Without any protection, there will be gaps between the sewers and floor drains, which can easily cause odors, cockroaches and insects crawling, and moldy water pipes. As long as the sewer sealing ring is put on the water pipe, the elastic of the sealing ring can form a sealed state between the sewer pipe and floor, which has a good effect of deodorization and insect resistance.



  1. Sink cleaner

Put this disc flush type sink cleaner in the wash basin, and you can clean the sink by the way when you wash your hands, which has the effect of sterilization and deodorization. When you wash your face, hands, and brush your teeth, you will never smell the peculiar smell in the pipes and pools again.



  1. Deodorant

The toilet is one of the sources of peculiar smell in the bathroom. We can use deodorant to remove the peculiar smell of the toilet. 1-2 drops at a time, the effect is obvious. You can choose different scent


Another Items Recommanded To Improve Your life


  1. Multifunctional showerhead

A handy showerhead not only used as overhead showerhead but also  a hand-held showerhead to meet the basic shower functions. It will be better with a built-in spray gun. Dirty things can be washed away directly with a spray gun.


  1. Smart toilet lid

The smart toilet cover is definitely a good bathroom product that enhances the sense of happiness. It can reduce odors, make the bathroom much cleaner and more hygienic, and you are not afraid of freezing your ass when you go to the toilet in winter. Regardless of whether you are plan to install a smart toilet lid during the renovation, it is better to reserve sockets around the toilet, otherwise it would be ugly and unsafe to connect the power strip when you need


  1. Adaptor

If you need to add an additional water outlet, the adaptor is definitely a good solution. The adaptor can generally be connected to the water valve next to the toilet, so that it can be used at the same time with the spray gun or the smart toilet lid.

It is recommended to buy a famous brand adaptor, and each outlet has its own switch, so that in case of water leakage, just turn off the corresponding switch instead of disassembling it all.


  1. Anti-mold shower curtain

The mildew-proof shower curtain made of EVA food-grade environmentally friendly material is waterproof and mildew-proof. This kind of shower curtain has a vertical drape shape.



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