heated bath mat
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad
Automatic Heating Pad

Heated Bath Mat for Bathroom Rugs to Dry


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  • Keep your bath mats dry and comfortable at all times. Are you bothered by the dampness of your bathroom mats? Now there is no need to worry about this problem. Our heated bath mats will keep your bathroom mats dry all day long, helping you avoid cold and damp touches, especially in winter and on cold days
  • Multiple personalized heat and time settings. The mat's heater has 11 heating levels, from 80°F to 130°F, with 5°F being one level. You can also set a Custom Timer to automatically shut off for up to 24 hours. You can adjust the heating time and temperature to suit your needs
  • Safety and security structure. The newly upgraded electric heating film replaces the heating tube with a 7-layer protective structure for more even and moderate heating of the surface. Built-in temperature sensor, 55℃/131℉ overheat protection
  • Waterproof and flame retardant material. The cover of the pad is made of waterproof layer with IP67 rating for use in wet conditions, and the flame retardant Pvc film ensures safety. Non-slip bottom to avoid slipping
  • Reduce cleaning time.Yimobra heated bathroom mats is a continuous gentle heating process suitable for assisted drying and warming. The heating pad will free your hands and save your time. Keeps your mat dry and comfortable all day long. In the case of a completely wet bath mat, it may take 48 hours or more. Therefore, if the bath mat is too wet, it is recommended to use the dryer first

 heated bath mat

Exclusive Innovative Bath Mat Heating Plate

Mats not included in this products, You can use your current ones or collocated purchase our Yimobra bath mats.

You can match various floor mats on it. Such as chenille bath mats, memory foam mats, short plush and plush bath mats.

Our core heating structure technology disperse the heat more evenly around the mat, Just plug it in and it will drying the bathrug automatically.

Keep your family healthy and clean.

Reduce cleaning frequency of your mats.

Increase the service life of the mats.


1-24 hours automatic shutdown fuction

80-130°F temperature adjustment function

heated floor mats for bathroom

Just one press

Enjoy the warm touch

You can customize your proper temperature and time.

Built-in automatic shutdown timer and temperature sensor for overheating protection.


The turn on the default timing is 6h with temperature 120℉.

Temperature test result of inner heating layer range from 80-130℉ under the indoor temperature 20 degrees Celsius Conditions!


DO NOT FOLD the heating pad when use!

DO NOT operate with a damage cord or plug or pad!

DO NOT immerse the pad into water. Machine wash only apply to the polar fleece cover !

DO NOT scratch the pad with sharp objects !

Place the heating pad with the Yimobra logo on the side up when using !

Switch off the pad when you leave !

heated bathroom mat